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The Emerald Golf Club has scored enviable achievements in its history.  

* Named one of the top 50 courses in the Southeast by Golf Weekly.     

* Host to the 1992 and 1993 PGA Tour Qualifying School.     

* Designed by Rees Jones, 1995 Golf World Architect of the Year.     

* Host of the Curtis Strange Shrine Classic 1990-2000.

* Golf Advisor #8 Ranked Golf Course in North Carolina 2015.

* Swing Thought Tour 2015-2016.

Yet for all The Emerald's distinguished

honors, the course was not created to be

intimidating. Its 6,924 yards has a 73.8

rating from the back tees and a 71.8 rating

from the blue. As Rees Jones said, "Too

many courses today are being built for the

one-week PGA Tournament. I like to design

courses that are challenging to the typical


Jones accomplished that, and a great deal

more. The Emerald is not only playable and

challenging; it is a living art form. Grasses

are mixed to create color variations that

give depth and dimension to the course.

Bunkers and hazards have been sculpted to

mix variety with the element of surprise. The interplay of light from a stand of pines, shadowed from behind by a taller stand of mature hardwoods, creates an unforgettable tapestry on the approach to the 4th green.

Each hole has five tee locations, allowing you to personalize the course to your individual ability. The 4th tee features four locations that hit across water and one highland route. The                                                                               approach to the green is an experience in tapestry as a taller layer of                                                                                     hardwood shadows from behind a front layer of pines. The Emerald                                                                                       becomes an entirely different course depending on which tee you                                                                                           select. The words "routine" and "repetition" have been eliminated f                                                                                         from our vocabulary. The Emerald loves to whisper in the ears of its                                                                                       players. The result - a challenge, a fair one, and a good time for all                                                                                           varieties of players.

The Emerald is a semi - private golf club with a practical philosophy:                                                                                       Golf is for regulars, not just the pros. We welcome everyone.... from                                                                                       the professional to the pro at heart only. No matter what your level

of play, you will receive a worthy challenge and a memorable                                                                                                   experience.

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